About roosenstein.com –  let me introduce creative producer Robert Roosenstein:

Recognizable by wearing a beanie, Ajax training apparel and his heart on his sleeves.

Robert is a room reader, connector, an ice breaker and above all an audiovisual professional ‘pur sang’.

With over 25 years of experience, you can call him a real veteran within the creative field. He has worked with both big and small companies (and ego’s), on national and international level, in both amazing and hectic circumstances. But no matter the size or character of the production, Robert always brings the same energy and dedication to the table.

With his hands-on mentality and worldwide network containing the best directors of photography, suppliers for all crew and equipment, VFX & SFX engineers, composers – and you name it, he makes sure that you get the result and quality you want.

Roberts secret of still being in love with the job for over a quarter century?
By working with a lot of beautiful and diverse people. And always keeping both feet on the ground.